This project was part of the AR for DR project which means an experimental project when I worked at Facebook (which is now rebranded as Meta) to test whether creating experiences in AR that drive product relevance through interaction would deliver results in awareness to conversion.

Collaborating with another cross-functional team, we shipped a virtual installation AR campaign for French e-commerce YellowPop to drive the consideration for their product. YellowPop is a company selling high-quality neon signs, ranging from €190 to €1490, giving them a long conversion process.
We used AR for the launch of a big collaboration with American designer Jonathan Adler. The hypothesis we had was that previewing the product in your home could improve the consideration or conversion process. 
Client Objective
To raise awareness of the collaboration and to drive consideration and conversion.

My Role 
Creative Strategist and UX Designer

 A neon sign in your space is a unique expression of personal style. With something this unique and expensive, you want to be sure it will fit in your home. You can't take them home and try them out, and you often can't experience the magic moment of a Neon sign, when you don’t see it in the dark.

- Create personalised experiences through interactive AR that drives product relevance and brings the product to life.

- Apply a human-centred design process by creating user flow and intuitive elements to create a user-friendly AR experience, so that users can take action quickly. 

- Boost it with AR ads to spread the visibility of this virtual installation. Also, leverage influencers to create branded content to showcase the utility of the AR and invite users to try the AR.
Idea: Turn your home into a statement piece of art.
The experience we created allows you to preview the Yellowpop x Jonathan Adler catalogue in your home with the ability to configure, and choose the following variations:

- Provide 5 different pickers to show 5 designs
- On the configurator, you can darken the environment and dim the intensity of the neon.

We did A/B testing to measure if adding AR in the strategy will perform better than using usual video ads for the campaign. 

The variables are: 
Usual Ads vs Usual Ads + AR 
User Flow
AR Ads
Customer Journey
AR Campaign Ecosystem
The Result
After our 3-week A/B test, we did discover trends, especially on reach and impressions metrics. Through the campaign, we reached twice as many people, and the impressions spiked by 70%.

Key Learning
- Positive impact on CTR + reach & impressions + link clicks indicated mid-funnel intent. 
- Even though the test is for conversions, the AR filter for Yellowpop was more efficient on upper-funnel objectives. Upper funnel AR could be the first step to onboard prospective AR/DR clients.
- With products in a high price range (between €190 to €1199), consideration is longer and we ended up gathering very little information on the conversion rates due to the attribution window.

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