Fuud is a mobile application that aims to tackle one of the world's biggest environmental problems – food wastage. The focus is on food wastage in the restaurant industry and Fuud brings together two parties to carve out a win-win strategy – food establishment owners and everybody else. 
Using Fuud, the former can now sell perfectly delicious unsold food and increase foot traffic to their establishments, and the latter can enjoy that food at a fraction of its original price. But that's not all. A percentage of every purchase will go toward a charitable organization. With Fuud, make the world a better place by cutting down on food wastage and using the power of micro-donation to help charitable organizations across the globe.
4 Weeks, Group Project

My Role
Visual Design, Experience Strategy, Interaction Design, Accessibility Guidelines

Data Analysis, High Fidelity Prototyping, Product Mockup, UX Process​​​​​​​
Background Problem

Food Waste Issues

A third of all food produced globally is lost or wasted. That comes to around 1.3 billion
tons. This costs the global economy a staggering $ 940 billion each year! And it is not just the food that is wasted, but all the resources, like water and land and labor, that go into producing it. Food waste also accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions! 

Clearly there is a need to reduce food wastage and Fuud does this by focusing on food wastage in the restaurant industry. Microphilanthropy in the form of micro-donations to charitable organizations with each purchase fosters altruism in users and builds positive-minded communities.
Competitive Analysis
Too Good to Go App
Too Good to Go App
Olio App
Olio App
Karma App
Karma App
Me and my team did a competitive research and we have identified 3 competitors; that are Too Good to Go, Karma, and Olio. We identified their background problem, features and style that influenced our decision and also gaps in opportunities that Fuud might be able to solve. 
How is Fuud Different?
After carrying out the competitive research outlined in the last section, we were able to start envisioning how Fuud would look and function.
Before going further to a design process, as a way to express understanding and empathy to interpret the user, I created this persona.

Fuud Persona

User Flow

Fuud User Flow

We used a modified form of Crazy 8's. Eight distinct ideas, on paper, but we gave ourselves more time to flesh out these eight ideas, as well as provide the reasoning behind each.

Fuud Crazy 8s Sketches

Design Style Guide

Fuud Visual Style Guide

High Fidelity Mockups
Default home and product showcases by the latest, nearby, most popular options. User could also search by maps and filter by area, promotion, type of cuisine and stock availability

Fuud Product Showcase & Maps Mockups

Product detail page and the user purchasing flow.

Fuud Buying Flow Mockups

Other screens such as Profile, Favourites and Fuudie's Corner

Fuud Other Screens' Mockup;  Profile, Favourite, and Fuudie's Corner

The high fidelity interactive prototype was created by Figma.
Feel free to give it a try here:​​​​​​​
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